About Executive Sims

King County Executive Ron Sims has built his career in public service around the progressive principles of social justice, good government and environmental stewardship. He has a national reputation for boldness and vision, and is a champion of reforming government processes to better serve the people of the dynamic, forward-thinking Puget Sound region.

Sims has taken a leadership role on a range of issues, and has compiled a notable list of accomplishments. During his three terms as County Executive, Sims has established a strong record of environmental protection. An ardent conservationist, Sims has protected more than 100,000 acres of green space in King County since 1997 and increased the county’s trails to 175 miles. His Climate Plan, which is aimed at reducing and adapting to the effects of global warming, is lauded as one of the most comprehensive in the nation. In May of 2007, Sims, along with actor/environmentalist Robert Redford, was among six individuals given the Climate Protection Award from the Environmental Protection Agency. He has also been recognized nationally for his leadership on a regional effort to stop the degradation of Puget Sound and to restore runs of the prized chinook salmon, declared threatened under the Endangered Species Act in 1999.

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2 responses to “About Executive Sims

  1. Mr. Simms,
    It is socially irresponsible to think about spending one more dime of taxpayer money on the CAO issue. In, plain light it is a “land grab” scheme. You have been called and caught on the carpet, of this issue. We have more pressing problems, then you bullying land owners. Before you put King County Taxpayers on the hook for an more “Tilted Windmills”. We the people are trying to figure out, how to heat our homes this Winter and feed the family. The King County Council has not offered to pass out “Rainbow Stew and Bubble Up”, Get off your High or Resign. Your leadership has been a costly failure.

  2. Dear Mr. Sims, We here at ” Advice From Oreo” follow all things King County. Our struggles with diverse opinions on shelering run parralel to yours. I hope you (the county ) contine in the shelter business.
    The private sector has failed miserably in the open admission arena. I see the above poster has money concerns, as we all do, I would suggest the county pry deeply into the true cost of No Kill. The first short cut usually comes in lack of proper vet care for long term stored animals, shelters are set up for a quick turn around. Keeping animals begins to cost money quickly when done right, that is when the break down starts. Please work with in your own community to solve these problems. If any guru had the power to make it work, they would be home in there own city, making it work.
    Sincerely Oreo

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