Parading out loud

Executive Sims at PrideOn Sunday I walked in Seattle’s Pride Parade in downtown with some friends and it was fantastic! The parade was electric, people were in a celebratory mood, they were having a great time, the sun was shining, and the LGBTQ community truly was in its finest form. People were out, openly expressing their pride in their community.

This is a pivotal moment in time where we’re beginning to see the transition from one generation that wanted people to restrain from coming out and celebrating like this, to one that’s accepting of people coming out. Look at what the State of California did for LGBT rights this month. Seattle’s Pride Parade was just a great time, a great celebration and as important an event as ever.

Executive Sims at PrideThis parade has gotten bigger and bigger every year. It used to be on Capitol Hill, where an impressive 10,000 or 20,000 people would participate and celebrate. This year’s parade downtown had close to 400,000 people! It’s almost as big as the Seafair parade, which has a half million people. It was an honor for me to parade out loud with our LGBT community from near and far. It was ja great time as the pictures show.


One response to “Parading out loud

  1. As I woke up this morning I was reminded that we are all ONE. Thank you for sharing how to CELEBRATE LIFE!

    Always seek TRUTH: Read Dr. Martin Luther King’s Book on “Where Do We Go Frome Here?
    published in 1967

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