Eastside Rail Corridor: backstory’s done. Your turn to write the ending.

It’s official. The Port of Seattle Commissioners voted to approve the deal to purchase the Eastside Rail Corridor and preserve it in public ownership forever. You can read more about it here.

Monday, I joined Port Commissioner Tay Yoshitani, Port President John Creighton and the other Port Commissioners in Bellevue beneath the Wilburton Trestle along the rail corridor to thank them for their work on this effort. I also extended thanks to U.S. Senator Patty Murray for her support over the past couple years, Burlington Northern – Santa Fe CEO Matt Rose, King County’s Council and the community. It was wondeful to celebrate the historic moment.
We first started looking at this idea in 2006. After many discussions, changes, negotiations, and ideas from stakeholders, the King County Council unanimously approved the deal last week, followed by the Port. We had a signing ceremony in a fitting location along the corridor: beneath the Wilburton Trestle in Bellevue.

Now it’s your turn to weigh in. Plans are being made right now for a public process to gather the community’s thoughts on what the corridor should look like, how it will be used and what should be considered when making decisions about it for the future. The Port will manage the public
process so watch their site and local news media for updates over the next year.


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