Green baseball: throwing the first pitch

Ron Sims first pitchIt’s easy being green. Even at a baseball game. Actually, it took a lot of planning and effort by the Mariner’s to celebrate Earth Day 2008 with the first carbon neutral major league baseball game in history! I was honored to throw the ceremonial first pitch. The M’s not only won the game, 4-2 against the Orioles, the earth scored with less carbon emissions as the team owners purchased carbon offsets for all energy use at the stadium and all travel including jet travel by both teams and the umps. They promoted recycling among vendors and fans and pitched the idea to thousands of fans that by making small changes in the usual way they do things we get a healthier earth including the air and water we depend on. The county’s DNRP had a booth titled “It’s easy being green” and saw a surprising amount of interest from fans who stopped by. It was an Earth Day home run!


2 responses to “Green baseball: throwing the first pitch

  1. Iheme Franklin

    Sir, you made me realize, that the essence of our destiny is to strive for success. God bless You for being Green and Efficient, and NOT Divisive. Thank You…….


  2. Thank you for your kind words and for participating in my new blog!


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